The Conservatives…

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Often I am just speechless to their exageration of how gay marriage would effect them and their families. Like by me marrying my girl this would somehow make their lives less meaningful… I guess that just proves how meaningless their lives must really be. Anyway… what’s really funny is the response to their most recent commercial. Now incase  your like us and you haven’t seen their most recent video check this out:

The Conservative Video, watch it here.

Now for the way more entertaining version:

Funny Video

Then for the punch line!!

Fun making Movies

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We are working on a new movie to be released in our member’s area. Here’s a few hints, Corey cross dresses and Pearl is a hooker. Fun Fun!

Here are some pictures from some of our latest video clips.

Our Latest Vid Clips

Our Latest Vid Clips

Short & Funny!!

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So us girls are always using toilet paper when we pee. We pee several times a day and often we found that we get toilet paper stuck in our vaginas… the weirdest thing is that the area between the vagina hole and the asshole, typically called the “Gooch” is often the “collector of toilet paper” So instead of calling it a “Gooch” we should call it the “TP collector” Ha Ha! I said that to Corey as she heads for the shower to clean off her “TP collector”.

Porn Star in Government Office

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So in my readings of the news today I run across this Porn star that is being drafted to be a US Senator. So the fact that she is a porn star was the least of my worries. Trying to find out if she really had intellegent ideas about the problems of our country was very hard. What I found to be totally obscene was the TOTAL DISRESPECT that a sex worker of any kind was “good enough” to run for office presented by CNN. You can see the clip from CNN on Raw Story  . I think for me I found the utter disrespect of the entire news team to be completely close minded and frankly RUDE! They are implying that people whom work in the adult industry are not SMART enough to run for office. This is some of the reasons that sex workers are classified under being stupid blonds. When I went to Stormy’s Website to see if she was indeed stupid or intellegent all I found was a flirty interview about her running. I think Stormy needs to step up and show that she is smart enough to run for office. She needs to stand up and say, “I might fuck for a living but that doesn’t make me stupid or a lower class citizen.” I hope it occurs to her how people are people just plain RUDE. 

Either way at this point I would vote for the Porn Star at least I know she’s being honest about her sexuality and morals. Not that I really care about sexuality but I think more politicians need to be HONEST and remove the SHAME from sexuality!

Recession in the sex industry…

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Yup, it happens… It shows. Guys are getting shorter shows, not spending as much on videos and so on. Funny how my memberships rise though… I guess its sorta like buying porn in bulk!! Ha Ha!  So we been having to up the hours we spend available on the phones and cam but I guess we are grateful we can and do still work. Many are losing jobs.

BUT we are still licking pussy, rimming, and using our strap on every day! Wooo Hoo! I am coasting through this recession as a porn star!

Ohhh yeah and we are back to doing our Live shows for our members with a whole new approach that seems to be working for us. We are just having fun and letting them just watch us have NORMAL sex!! 🙂

Sex Worker Rights?

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I want to open up to say that I love Obama and I truly believe that he is a blessing to our country and world. I know that he holds changes for our country that many people didn’t think was possible. BUT Today I wonder… will he help sex worker rights? Will he help prostitutes find peace in their jobs and help make them safe? I know if I had Obama’s ear for just a few hours that I could surely change his mind. I am not a big political geek but I wonder if I should write into him. Have you seen his website? Very nice and now allows you to write into the president directly. Anyway I wish that I didn’t have to be in the closet about my job. I often find it frustrating but I know that many people make assumptions about my job. I just always feel so defensive about it. Anyway… I dream of the day the world will accept sex workers as human beings simply providing a service. But change comes slow and I guess GLBT rights will be first and of course the earth needs some attention… but a girl can dream!

New Web Design!

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We have done it again! We have redesigned our website and this time we have outdone ourselves. Absolutely marvelous graphics that are displayed on a page making it all come together beautifully. Now our Freetour is very inclusive and our videos are streaming. You can view our photos and video for free in the free tour area. Also we have added all sorts of pretty graphics and extras.

We have even updated the members area to be more organized, more beautiful, and easier to navigate. With all the upgraded embeds I figured I would just redo the member’s area to.

As I designed the members area I was thinking… WOW! What a lot of stuff a member of our website gets. Full access to Rude’s content sharing… Camz’s content sharing… PLUS our phenomenal Network including TERABYTES of various types of content. When I am messing around in the network I always find that I run into some of the most unusual things and plus there seems to be SOMETHING for EVERYONE! Even a chick in a wheelchair!

Want to see previews…

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I thought I would share some previews of our most recent movies that have been released in our member’s area and on our Clips4Sale Store. I thought some of you might like to see what we have and what you can see. We released “She’s My Man” starring Pearl, Corey, and Lavendar Rayne. Very hot strap on, 3 girl, lesbian movie including lots of fucking and even double penetration. As for “Luving N’ Licking” & “Lick Me Bitch” were both filmed with a HD camera. Great closeups and very sexy films. “Luving N’ Licking” is a total lesbian making love film including foot licking, oral sex, and rimming. As for “Lick Me Bitch” Pearl totally takes advantage of Corey and makes her lick her all over, including some totally uncomfortable places such as her armpits. Here’s some preview Photos from our latest releases:


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So we need to shoot a movie. We don’t want to involve any other people, other than us two girls. BUT we need an idea?? Ohhhh help?? Come on guys, here’s your chance, write us an idea for a video. We are looking to make it about 45 mins to an hour in length and it should be “main stream friendly”. What do I mean by that? Simply put, nothing to weird. What’s too weird? Nose blowing, complete focus on feet for 45 mins, CPR, and other various unusual fetishes.

We WILL do those type of videos but that is what we call a custom video. You can order a custom video from us by emailing us directly at Include an outline of what you would like and how long you want it and we will send an email back with a price tag.

Now if you have an idea for us to film our “Main Stream” video then you can send that to the same place or post the outline here. There is no charge for that if we use your idea. 🙂 Anyway, let us know if you have any 2 girl movie ideas!



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So we have been working hard to make some fantastic videos and we have been releasing them in our member’s area and clips for sale for some times now. We also have been looking for a photographer that could take photos of us together that had style. These days photos are a dime a dozen online but we wanted some that were more professional and had a touch of art to them. We think it adds a little style to our collections.

We found one. His name is Barry Page of Photographic Pages and we were so impressed with the photos he took we can’t wait to see what else we are able to produce with him. His photos were sexy and artistic which is EXACTLY what we were looking for. We are hoping to do a set of photos where at least start off clothed so that we can have a more diverse set of photos. Barry is a really great guy and I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone to take well framed sexy photographs. He was really able to capture our love and passion for each other.

I think pictures speak louder than words so here you go:

Of course there are many more in our member’s area: The REAL Lusty Lesbians