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I thought I would share some previews of our most recent movies that have been released in our member’s area and on our Clips4Sale Store. I thought some of you might like to see what we have and what you can see. We released “She’s My Man” starring Pearl, Corey, and Lavendar Rayne. Very hot strap on, 3 girl, lesbian movie including lots of fucking and even double penetration. As for “Luving N’ Licking” & “Lick Me Bitch” were both filmed with a HD camera. Great closeups and very sexy films. “Luving N’ Licking” is a total lesbian making love film including foot licking, oral sex, and rimming. As for “Lick Me Bitch” Pearl totally takes advantage of Corey and makes her lick her all over, including some totally uncomfortable places such as her armpits. Here’s some preview Photos from our latest releases:


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So we need to shoot a movie. We don’t want to involve any other people, other than us two girls. BUT we need an idea?? Ohhhh help?? Come on guys, here’s your chance, write us an idea for a video. We are looking to make it about 45 mins to an hour in length and it should be “main stream friendly”. What do I mean by that? Simply put, nothing to weird. What’s too weird? Nose blowing, complete focus on feet for 45 mins, CPR, and other various unusual fetishes.

We WILL do those type of videos but that is what we call a custom video. You can order a custom video from us by emailing us directly at corey4gyrls@yahoo.com Include an outline of what you would like and how long you want it and we will send an email back with a price tag.

Now if you have an idea for us to film our “Main Stream” video then you can send that to the same place or post the outline here. There is no charge for that if we use your idea. 🙂 Anyway, let us know if you have any 2 girl movie ideas!



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So we have been working hard to make some fantastic videos and we have been releasing them in our member’s area and clips for sale for some times now. We also have been looking for a photographer that could take photos of us together that had style. These days photos are a dime a dozen online but we wanted some that were more professional and had a touch of art to them. We think it adds a little style to our collections.

We found one. His name is Barry Page of Photographic Pages and we were so impressed with the photos he took we can’t wait to see what else we are able to produce with him. His photos were sexy and artistic which is EXACTLY what we were looking for. We are hoping to do a set of photos where at least start off clothed so that we can have a more diverse set of photos. Barry is a really great guy and I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone to take well framed sexy photographs. He was really able to capture our love and passion for each other.

I think pictures speak louder than words so here you go:

Of course there are many more in our member’s area: The REAL Lusty Lesbians


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Wow! We been so busy shooting, editing, and building. We are now releasing our full length film “She’ My Man” to our member’s area and Clips4Sale. Its a great film including 3 women, strap on, and lots of fucking.. and the plot is just for some giggles in between. It’s really hot and explosively erotic. We would love to hear some feedback on this one or any of our work… we love feedback!

We are also just finishing another movie we had filmed in the spring that we are calling “Real Lesbians Luving & Licking” Its just Corey and I but the best part is that it was filmed with a High Definition Camera. I personally love the movie and it looks to be about 40 mins. Let us know what you think.

We have 2 other BDSM films in the works as well. They will be released soon enough. Speaking of BDSM we also plan to open a BDSM Lesbian website that we think will just add diversity to our already diverse network, Real Adult Amateurs! Wooo Hoooo! We are growing!!

Lavender Rayne and JupaMan!

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So on the 12th we were more than happy to spend the day shooting videos. We spent the day shooting some custom videos with Lavender Rayne. We have Jupaman and Mike the Pmale on the cameras and we just went nuts!! We shot a custom video for the CPR Fetish, then a strap-on movie with a plot, and THEN a BDSM video.

The CPR Fetish movie was interesting and I am still trying to figure this fetish out. I don’t always understand all the fetishes I come across but I am open minded enough to do them, anyway. Assuming they don’t cross any of my boundaries. We did a lot of laughing during the filming of this video but the client whom ordered the custom seemed to enjoy his product and was amused at our outtakes.

As for the Strap-On Movie with plot… well it was interesting and fun!! Two women with a strap on and another horny woman ready to be double penetrated… Ha Ha! How do you think it went? So Lavender Rayne stepped out of her normal and butched it up a little, and wore the strap on. Corey played butch again but had the “bigger dick”. As for me I had to femme it a little and play the femme slut. Which worked since I been playing that role SO LONG!! It was my normal role, although not my real life role. I love gender bending so it all in good fun! I think gender bending has got to be my favorite type of sex! Anyway, I am finishing the edit of that movie. Its a sequal to our release called, “Butch the Dress Maker”. This one is called, “She’s My Man!”

THEN, for added footage I got to tie two naked women together. I was creaming my panties as I made orbits around the two beautiful girls. I enjoyed tieing them, flogging them, and of course… fingering them! It was great fun and I was so happy to get some extra footage. We will release that as soon as I have time to edit the footage.

We are ever grateful for Jupaman and Mike the Pman for filming for the whole day. They certainly had to work hard at getting the right angles and many camera views. Here’s all the websites of those involved.

US (Pearl & Corey) http://www.real-lusty-lesbians.com

Lavender Rayne http://www.bustylavender.com

JupaMan- http://www.cumpartywithjupaman.com

Mike the Pman- http://rude.com/plaedies

Ohhh what an adventure we had and a great time was had by all. Including lots of orgasms to be delivered to your computer screen soon!

3 Girl Video Shoot!

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So on September 12 Corey and I will be shooting with Lavender Rayne for a custom shoot. It will be a sequal to our full length film “Butch the Dressmaker”. There will be more strap-on action and more fun stuff. Looks like I will be getting double banged by two girls. Ohhhh what fun! I know you guys are jealous! Ha ha! We will also be discussing with Lavendar the possibility of her joining Real Adult Amateurs with a BDSM website she has in mind. We are also discussing doing some rope bondage videos with her. I was thinking of tying both Corey and Lavender together back 2 back and then playing with them as I please. Flogging and playtime for me!! Wooo Hoo! What do you guys think? Any opinions for 3 girl BDSM movies? We would love to hear your requests. Also if your interested in a custom movie or video just send us an email. Ohh Yeah and want to see Lavender Rayne?  http://www.bustylavender.com/


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So if you haven’t seen it yet we have added yet another website to the Real Adult Amateurs family. We have finished and began updating http://www.swingingmilfbrooke.com and have added her member’s area to the family. Brooke is an old lover of mine that has been in the industry for several years now and truly loves to branch out. Of course she loves to be with women but she also loves to experience various men that she seems to pick randomly, but I know there is a method to her madness! She also has a section of movies she has filmed. Most of the time you can see her naked walking around in the videos filming and getting up close and personal to the action. I think its pretty dam hot when a woman takes control of anything and for one to take control of a porn makes it super hot. She really likes to direct and make sure the action is hot and what she wants. I love to watch the films she has filmed. So if your a member of the family check out her member’s area and find the videos of Corey and I with her. Corey and I have shared Brooke in the past and she certainly isn’t a woman that most people would pass by. She’s curvy, natural and sexy! I think my favorite part about Brooke is that she’s REAL and you don’t get any bull shit from her. So let me know what you guys think?? Enjoy!