Sex Worker Rights?

I want to open up to say that I love Obama and I truly believe that he is a blessing to our country and world. I know that he holds changes for our country that many people didn’t think was possible. BUT Today I wonder… will he help sex worker rights? Will he help prostitutes find peace in their jobs and help make them safe? I know if I had Obama’s ear for just a few hours that I could surely change his mind. I am not a big political geek but I wonder if I should write into him. Have you seen his website? Very nice and now allows you to write into the president directly. Anyway I wish that I didn’t have to be in the closet about my job. I often find it frustrating but I know that many people make assumptions about my job. I just always feel so defensive about it. Anyway… I dream of the day the world will accept sex workers as human beings simply providing a service. But change comes slow and I guess GLBT rights will be first and of course the earth needs some attention… but a girl can dream!

~ by reallustylesbians on January 28, 2009.

One Response to “Sex Worker Rights?”

  1. Lets hope he changes things quickly, I thought he might boost the markets the day te was sworn in. But the opposite happened.

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