So we did our shoot with lickyouallover and we think it went well. We did many different things including a BDSM type film that included some hot face sitting scenes. We also shot fisting and squirting, which should be great because it was shot with an HD camera. I can’t WAIT to see that!!

I look forward to editing it and getting it out there to my members and clips4sale store. Right now we are releasing our movie, Butch the Dressmaker. That movie was a scream where Corey plays a butch lesbian with a strap on. She takes advantage of me, Pearl, as a hesitant or shy bisexual girl. Most of the movie is Corey fucking Pearl in MANY different positions. It can be seen in our member’s are or our clips4sale store.

We are also releasing “Domme Training” a film where I, Pearl, train a new Domme. I use Corey as practice in the end. Its about 30 minutes but still hot to anyone looking for BDSM stuff. Also would be great for any woman/man looking to be more dominant. That is also in our member’s area and our clips4sale store.

~ by reallustylesbians on April 17, 2008.

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