Real Sex?!

So we have always tried to keep it real but it is sometimes hard to keep it real when we have someone directing us that doesn’t know what we like or need to reach climax. When we do our group shows we have discovered that our best rhythm is to simply “keep it real”. That means that there is not a big plan in what we do and we simply just enjoy each other and try to move the cam in a way to show something good.

So I have made us a new “motto” of sorts. Real Lesbians, Real Couple, Real Sex!! I think that sums us up in a nutshell and is something I can use when advertising. We are certainly unique and we are proud of how unique we are. We seem to have found a groove in our shows and have decided that we don’t care what the guys in the room are directing… we are just simply going to do what we WANT to do!! Ha! Ha! I bet our fan base grows just based on that!

So right now is all about advertise, advertise, advertise. So if anyone knows of a good place for me to try to get into please send me the link?!

~ by reallustylesbians on February 26, 2008.

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