Life in the Adult Industry!

So today we woke up for a fairly normal day. Our normal day is mostly wake up around 10am for a 1/2 hour of snuggle time. Then we feed and tend to the animals in our house. We eat breakfast and then log online to make ourselves available for private shows. We usually do our DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) video game for the first few hours of work. We usually take turns at DDR, chatting with clients, and editing videos for our members area. Once we have both had a good workout for the day we pack up the DDR and get a shower. By then we are usually sweaty and “lubey”. What’s “lubey”? Well when you use a strap on several times a day you use lube each time and eventually the build up becomes annoying. So between the lube and sweat from working out we are both ready for a shower.  By then it’s usually time for a small meal and a break. We often sit out in the living room and eat, then read, then get back to work. I usually have videos to edit and some days can vary based on other elements in our lives. We may have to run to the store or have a show for our members area.  Yesterday our exercise was interrupted by an hour long sex show for the members of our website. Friday we do a BDSM show before we go to sleep. We usually are available to do private shows up until we go to sleep, but because of the interruption factor of our job we will sometimes log off so that we can do something totally uninterrupted.

We are often invited to parties to have sex with many many people if we chose. We are waiting for a date to be set for us to visit “fucking parties” which is part of our network. We will participate in an all female orgy there, when that date is set. We have friends in the industry that we talk to about life and/or business about once a week. Sometimes we deal with them more, sometimes less.

Our lives certainly are not boring since each day is full of some sort of adventure. No matter how large or small we are faced with new experiences daily. Many years ago when I first discovered this part of the adult industry I wondered if it would wear off after a few years. Its been 10 years and I am still having new experiences. Doing a cam show or a phone sex call with many different people will give you many new experiences. This is one of my favorite parts of the industry, there’s always a new experience right in front of you! Bored with work is not in our vocab!!

Although I will admit that at times some guys lack creativity but overall we are entertained. We often find ourselves laughing or pondering what just happened!! I love this job!!  What else is nice about it? Well if I get tired of making my own porn I get to laugh at other girls doing porn… which is just as amusing!! That’s for another blog!

~ by reallustylesbians on February 6, 2008.

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