All day tease?!

So on a daily basis Corey and I are touching, kissing, licking, and fucking each other. Although in most cases we don’t get to cum before the guy does and we are often just warmed up by the time the guy leaves. Funny?! Sometimes! Although often it just leads us into teasing each other all day. So all day goes by and we have flirted and teased each other so that by the time we go to bed we can’t wait to cum!

Today, as I tied Corey’s tits I could feel the rope in my sweaty hands. I knew that I was aroused at the idea of her being tied up. Then as it went on I found myself imagining all sorts of things with her tied up and I wanted to just play with her. Of course the guy was WAY done before I was ready to really engage. I wanted to lick her all over, use the flogger on her ropes, and kiss her. I wanted to get lost in my submissive tied up for my pleasure. I been fantasizing about having her tied to the door for at least a week so now just the sight of rope makes me hot. Also you have to admit that Corey looks DAM GOOD when she is tied up. Mmmm I love my red headed subbi!

So our job facilitates a D/s dance that enhances our D/s sex life… mmmm. What a great D/s head game. I wonder if Corey fantasizes about more then what I give her… I bet she does!!

~ by reallustylesbians on January 31, 2008.

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